Over-sensitive much?



Let’s call it what it is; us women can be severely over-sensitive at times, but that does not mean that people should use that as an opportunity to push our buttons and send us over the edge. For some reason men struggle to handle women when they are over-sensitive and I can understand why… we have the ability to go from being over-the-moon happy to utterly pissed off in about a split second and all it takes is one comment we deem unnecessary at that particular time. I think one of the worst side effects of PMS is that women tend to snap and it does not take all that much input from our partner to make that happen.

Why do we snap? To be honest, if you do not answer a question fast enough – and by fast enough I mean as quickly as we want you to answer the question – that is enough reason for us to bite your head off. We cannot, of course, rationalise that. If I can give the men out there any advice it would be to keep calm and the last thing you want to do is tell your girlfriend or wife to “calm down.” In fact here are some words and phrases you should eradicate from your vocabulary: “Calm down”, “chill out”, “take a chill pill”, “stop stressing”, “Are you on your period?” and probably the worst of them all, “Relax.” In fact, any variation of the afore-mentioned should be avoided completely! Saying any of those words or phrases is like waving a red flag in a bulls face.

I know it is not always easy for men to keep quiet and hold back and women can become verbally abusive when they reach boiling point, Ladies, we also need to learn to be a bit more patient and to bite back when we want to snap. Slipping every now and again is understandable, but we also need to take responsibility for our crazed, hormonal our-bursts. We expect men to tolerate our short-tempers once a month, but we also need to make an effort and not just attack our partners, because they happen to be there when we get all fired up.



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