Burn Remedy


egg first aid kit

Who would have thought that egg whites would be such a miracle cure for a burn? Maybe this is some old wives tale that I never read about, but last night when my friend burnt her hand cooking us a delicious meal all she wanted was some egg white for the searing pain. At first I thought it was very random to want to use something like that to heal a burn, but after we took an emergency trip to a 24 hour pharmacy and they gave her some ointment that did not work we then stopped to pick up some eggs; lo and behold the pain stopped!

Apparently, it is an urban legend to treat a burn with egg white. I believe there was an email that went around telling people about the amazing results if you use egg whites to treat a burn. If you would like to read that email check out Egg Whites As A Burn Remedy. Maybe this is some miracle home remedy that everyone else has always known about and I am just taking in this information very late, but if you did not know now you do and luckily eggs are usually one of the staple foods people have at home. If not you might want to stop by the shops and pick up some eggs later in case of an emergency.

Please do not cook the egg whites before you apply them to the burn area! You need to separate the yolk from the egg white and then coat the affected area in the raw egg whites. The boy in the email story may not be real, but my friend who burnt her hand last night and then felt instant relief after applying the egg white to the burn, is.



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