Mirror, Mirror…


Thoughts, perception, outcome, behaviour

I was having a chat with my friend yesterday and we were talking about how self-conscious we are at gym and how we avoid doing certain exercises where other people can see us or we avoid participating in certain classes, because we believe that everyone else is judging us. We both had a good giggle, because we know that we are not the centre of the universe and that people have better things to think about than a random stranger. We also realised that the reason we probably feel that way is, because we are looking at other people and judging them while we are there. I think it is safe to say that often people will assume certain qualities about someone else based on who they are. It is very strange how we presume people to be a certain way when they are probably nothing like that.

Let us not confuse having an impression of someone and “reflecting”. It is one thing to have an impression of someone once you have met them and conversed with them, but it is another thing entirely when you assume someone to possess certain qualities based on how you feel in certain situations. I am not sure if the correct word to use would be mirroring or reflecting how you see yourself on to how you assume others perceive you and everyone else, but whatever the term is used to describe that all you need to know is that how you view other people is a reflection of yourself. I think all it means is that how you perceive yourself will determine how you perceive the rest of the world and everyone in it.

That may help you to put some arguments you have had in the past in to perspective, because you would base someone else’s motives for reacting to a particular situation on what your motives would have in the same situation. All I can say is Mind=Blown! I am still not going to go and do those exercises at the gym where everyone can see me, but at least I know that the issue lies with me and no one else.

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