The art of speaking more strategically.


I read this unbelievable article on “How to speak more strategically” and by the time I was done reading it I felt as though the article had been speaking to me the entire time and with that in mind I thought it would not be the worst idea to learn to speak a little more strategically. If you really think about it why is it that you speak when you do? Technically, you could always narrow it down to sharing information, but then you have to ask yourself why it is you are sharing that information? Maybe talking randomly is another bad habit that some of us need to unlearn? Even if it is a bad habit I don’t think you necessarily have to change yourself completely, but it might be a quality that you want to make an effort to improve on so people do not go labelling you as the empty vessel that makes all that noise.

Not everyone can be saved from themselves, because some people make use of this quality to try to make as though they know everything and those are the empty vessels you need to watch out for. This is going to be a great challenge for me, because talking is my way of overcoming those awkward situations. One of the most important questions I had to ask myself was do I listen? If I have to answer that question honestly I would have to say that I do not listen as well a I should, because I am always thinking about what I have to say next. I am not going to say that I never listen, but my listening skills could use some work. A conversation is interactive and usually comprises of two or more people. Usually 🙂

I hope this helps in terms of finding out for yourself when it is really important to talk and make your point and when it is important not to talk. If you have any points you’d like to include please feel free to.

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