Those who mind don’t matter…


… And those who matter don’t mind.

Our abode is in somewhat of a shambles after we recently tore up all our old pipes and replaced them with brand spanking new ones, but the after effects are not as glamorous as one may imagine. I understand retro and all, but gaping holes filled with cement are not pretty no matter how you try to decorate them – I tried tinsel and it just ended up looking like a jolly mess. The thing is I was all shy about having my friends over and felt I needed to explain the mess and the conclusion was I cared more about it then they did. I must say it was a really great conclusion to get to and it was thanks to some amazing tweeps on my twitter feed who reminded me of a little phrase that I am going to etch in to my brain and never, ever forget:

I know the reason I was quick to explain myself is because I can be very judgemental so I assume everyone else is the same. I know that being judgemental is a really, really, incredibly bad quality to have so it is something that I have to force myself to not do on a daily basis. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I try. It’s funny how something as silly as cement patches between your tiles can make you realise something about yourself.


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