A word of caution: Do not proclaim to be self-aware when your behaviour says otherwise.

I believe that being self-aware has a lot to do with life experience and becoming more aware of how you actually behave in situations as opposed to how you think you behave. Some people tend to get confused between who they really are and who they think they are. There is always a difference between assumption and truth; you just need to wake up realise that you are who you are and as much as you try to be someone else it just won’t happen. Once you can accept that you have bad qualities as well as good qualities you can begin to accept yourself. I think one of the best things that comes with increased self-awareness is that you start to feel more comfortable with yourself, your capabilities and decision-making. Those seem like fairly simple things to accomplish, but I can tell you now that people who think they are self-aware when they have no clue who they are may think they know what’s best for them when they really don’t.

Self-awareness has nothing to do with your ego! When I think of being self-aware I don’t think that I know better than everyone else or that I cannot learn and change I just believe that I am more realistic about things and I can acknowledge when I am wrong and when I am without a doubt right. I find that the more I focus on becoming self-aware the more I tend to humour people who are incredibly ignorant about who they are. Sometimes you need to entertain juvenile behaviour because there is no hope of trying to reason with anyone who has no self-awareness whatsoever (but they will think that they are very self-aware). It is one of those things in life where you either try to get to know yourself and improve on who you are or you assume everyone else is in the wrong and you are perfect as you are. If you want more reasons why being self-aware is so important then refer to “The Importance of  Self-Awareness”

I agree with those points and if anyone as any others to add, please feel free!



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