What makes a good leader?


Unfortunately, being a leader is not for everyone and I am not too sure if you can really work on becoming a leader?! My opinion is that you can improve on the qualities you have, but you cannot change who you are, therefore, you are either a leader or you aren’t. There is nothing wrong with not being a leader, but there is a problem if you think you are a leader when you are not. It would be like trying to fit a square shaped object through a triangle; it just won’t work no matter how hard you try. We all know about the different leadership styles, but more important than that what qualities make a good leader?

I am going to give a run-down on what I think makes someone a good leader and you can agree or not or even add qualities you believe are important 🙂 I want the person to be realistic though, not some idyllic, immortal that no one could ever live up to.

1. A good leader inspires you! Whether they inspire you to work harder, enjoy work more or just to be a better person and improve who you are, they inspire you!

2. Confidence. I am not talking about ego I am talking about confidence. There is a difference between believing that you always know what’s best and then feeling certain about the truth of something.

3. Tolerance and calm. If you are going to want to come across as confident you cannot crumble under pressure or be hot-headed.

4. Organized. If you cannot organize yourself then how can you organize others? It just makes sense to stay on top of things and always be prepared, because that way you will never feel as though you are being blind sided by any task(s) you may encounter out of the blue.

5.  Assertiveness. If you are not assertive people will walk all over you.

6. Have a sense of humour. No one likes a wet blanket and you have to be a likeable person if you are a leader. There is nothing worse than having a dull dud to look up to, because then you won’t look up to them.

Please feel free to include any other qualities you think are key for any leader to have 🙂



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  1. Some great points there. I would also add communication, I know it is partially covered off in your points, but if as a leader you are unable to clearly and concisely communicate your message and the direction of the business to the organisation then you have a problem.

    • Great 🙂 I think articulation and communication would go hand in hand! So that you can actually articulate what you want to say. I also thought that having a strong and untarnished character would be a good point, but then we are all human.

      • The amount of CEO’s who have untarnished images are few and far between…just look at the world of banking! Everyone has skeletons in their closets…I find the best leaders are the ones that are humble enough to admit they have made a mistake and learn from it. Lead by example is another one I like….people like to follow people who have been there and done that rather than just someone who just creates policy.

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