The articles that grab the headlines!


I have to say that I wish that the article on news24 “I am a racist” would have had even more exposure than the whole spear thing. I was having a read over the comments and most of them give praise to the writer of the piece, as do I, but I also think it is important to not misinterpret what is actually being said. In my opinion I think it’s from someone who is as fed-up as the rest of us for having our character and integrity attacked whenever we dare to not tippy-toe around people who are not of our own race. I have had similar incidences and I personally feel that being branded racist for ridiculous reasons is pretty much defamation of character.

While standing in line to pay for my groceries I do not think it is necessary for the person behind me to stand on top of me irrespective of their race. They will get their turn when I have had mine; that is how a queue works. I have no shame in telling the person breathing over my shoulder to back up a few paces, because they are invading my space and of course on one occasion I was branded a “racist” because the person breathing over my shoulder standing on top of my heals happened to be black. I don’t think she expected I would turn around and tell her that it was not because she was black, but it was because she was invading my personal space.

It is just strange to think that asking someone to please take a step back suddenly implies that you believe that “a certain human race is superior to all others and has the right to rule others.” If you ask me that is a serious judgement to make about someone over a simple request. People should think about the meaning of words before they throw them around and I really believe that was the point of the article on news24. Be more considerate of what you accuse others of and maybe the finger pointing needs to stop. I felt like I needed to have my say. That will be all.



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