Double Standards…


Double standards are basically when someone has a different set of principles for similar situations or to different people in a similar situation. Basically, when a friend is in said situation they will sit on a pedestal and preach, but when they find that they are in a similar situation they change their tune very quickly. If you want to have strong morals and values when it comes to everyone else then you might want to practise what you preach. It is incredibly annoying when someone gives you a talking to about how you should do things and then they end up in a similar situation and do exactly as you did, but for some reason it’s different? Hmmm… colour me confused…

So before you want to pull out your unnecessary morals and values, because you believe they should be upheld no matter what, you might want to be a little more understanding so that in the future you don’t look like a monkey for doing exactly what you said someone shouldn’t in a very similar situation. I’m fairly certain I have been there and I am absolutely certain that I’ve watched double standards unfold before my very eyes. It is always easy to judge when you have never been in a certain situation so maybe what we really need is to be more tolerant of one another and don’t judge until you know for certain what you would do in a similar situation, because you’re not the better person until you prove it.



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