You can’t please everyone!


Right, so as far as I can tell everyone has different expectations and if you had to spend all your energy trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and demands then you are going to waste a lot of time. It is one thing to try to be a better person and another thing entirely to change yourself to suit other people. The next thing you know you’ll have people complaining about you people-pleasing and being different around different people. It begs the question: What the hell do people expect from those around them? Do you want people to spend their time pleasing everyone including yourself or do you want people to be who they are and accept them flaws and all…

You have to remember that you cannot make everyone happy and there will come a point where you eventually have to just put certain people behind you as well as putting certain issues to rest and move on. I think one of the most important things in life is to be happy with who you are and if you are happy with yourself then who cares what a select few think. With the billions of people living together you cannot expect to get along with everyone and you cannot expect to grovel for forgiveness for the mistakes you make. Either an apology will suffice or it does not. I have been both on the receiving end and the giving end of asking for forgiveness and refusing to forgive and forget. Everyone has limits and self-preservation is an innate quality, because if we won’t protect our own dignity then no one else will.

Maybe the more you make mistakes and acknowledge those mistakes the more you learn about yourself and others and the more willing you will be to forgive others. We nitpick at people’s faults and we forget that we have faults of our own that others may just choose to overlook instead of dwelling on them. You’re bound to upset people in your life and you are going to change as time goes by based on all your experiences; good and bad. Just make sure if you decide to change something about yourself that it is for you.



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