Ah, pride…!


Now I am sure I have touched on HOW I FEEL about pride before, but obviously as you begin to grow up and go through new experiences your opinion may change from time to time. In case you were wondering I do not pull explanations out of my backside, but I actually read a few different views (sources) and draw from my own experience before coming to my conclusions about what I think something means. With that in mind, pride is when you put your dignity and self-importance above all others and everything else. Pride is that thing that we learn from on our up-bringing and although it is not always seen as a negative quality it can turn in to one if you allow your pride to control your way of thinking and reacting.

Pride is a funny thing; it can make us strive for greatness, because if we fail it may hurt our pride – god forbid – and it can make us place our own self-worth and happiness above all else only to be left with nothing but our pride at the end of it all. The funniest part of all is that proud people will not admit that they are proud. Any addict will tell you that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem and once you have admitted it then you can begin to try to fix it. If you are a proud person you wouldn’t be the first person. I think we are all proud to a certain extent, but some people are literally consumed by their pride.

If you know any proud people all I can say is don’t EVER try to tell them that they are wrong… let the universe do it for you.




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