Burn extra calories during the day…


With Winter fast approaching I am dreading the cold weather. I prefer to find the silver lining and hopefully this is it! There are a few additional things you could do during the day to help you burn some extra calories. I am not saying that if you do these things you will lose weight I am just pointing out that there are some healthy habits you could try out and we all know winter is the season of ‘letting oneself go’ and with all the cots and jerseys to hide it all that does seem like the obvious choice, so maybe trying to burn a few extra calories during the day will be to your advantage. As much as you want to build up your ‘warm layer’ you do not want to have to work extra hard when summer arrives to work it all off!

1. Laugh more… if you tend to sulk and walk around grumpy all day it may interest you to know that if you laughed a little more you’d burn more calories. Let’s look at it like this: real laughter can burn between 10 to 20 percent more calories so just by laughing every day for 10 minutes means you burn of an extra 10 to 40 calories a day which is 4 pounds in a year. So stop sulking and start laughing!

2. Get your butt off your chair! Standing burns nearly 50% more calories than sitting. If you need to take a call try getting up and walking around. You may lose signal, but it will be worth it! Walking/pacing can help you burn up to 45 to 50 calories in an hour so get moving!!

3. Don’t fear the cold; embrace it! You burn more calories when it’s cold. It is different for everyone and those of you who are more adapted to the cold than other’s will obviously burn fewer calories, because you will not shiver as much as someone who is super sensitive to the cold! So the cold causes you to shiver which in turn causes you to burn off them calories.

4. Choose the stairs instead! Obviously, if you work on the 48th floor the last thing you should do is take the stairs all the way, but it is a great way to burn some extra calories if you have stairs at home or at the office.

5. If you’re standing in line to calf raises! Why not get something out of standing in line… If there is a queue you might as well do some calf raises and tone your legs as well as burning a few extra calories!

If anyone else has some daily activities to help burn extra calories then please share 🙂 Sharing is caring!



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