One person can ruin it for EVERYONE!


How many times has one person ruined something for everyone else? It is so true that it takes time to build up a reputation and all the hard work that has been put in by others can be shattered in an instance. It happens all the time and they (the inconsiderate party) don’t seem to care or give any thought to any one else. This weekend a car guard just reaffirmed why I do not like giving them money for looking at cars. I handed the guy R2 and he swore at me and told me to eff off. Yes, I swore back. I realise that they are not all the same, but that has happened to me twice now and I do not see any point in handing out money to ungrateful little idiots like that. Yes, there are some guys out there who would do anything for that R2, but I cannot be help responsible for the actions of others or more accurately, one pathetic individual.

It really is such a sad thing when you have those people who just have no regard for other people and how their actions may impact others. The same goes for people who take advantage of certain perks only to go too far and then everyone else loses those perks thanks to a minority. So, if you are one of those people, like the aforementioned car guard, then please learn to follow the rules and not be a douche and ruin things for everyone else!!! There is no reason why everyone else who follows the “code” should suffer, because one inconsiderate prick decides to lash out at people for no good reason.



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