Putting yourself out there…


The fear of putting yourself out there is that the person who you “put yourself out to” may not reciprocate. You cannot put yourself out there without preparing for your bravery to go either way. It is always easy to comment on things when it is not you in the situation, but you can never know how someone is going to react to you taking a chance. It’s not nice putting yourself out there only to be rejected and that goes for guys and girls. In fact, it is one of the worst things ever. The fact that you have the guts to go out there and take chances is a good thing. All chances are a gamble. I’ve also put myself out there and been rejected. It sucks.

Girls, we want “the big gesture.” We see it in the movies and we want it. Maybe not all of us, but I think a large portion of the female population is waiting for that moment where a guy goes out of his way to prove he wants to be with you and only you. Unfortunately, and I am sure I have said this before, your life is not a script and you actually never know what the outcome is going to be. I suppose the men can clear this up for us: Men are not good at taking hints.

Now I am not a guy so I can only speculate and say that the reason they are no good at taking hints is because they don’t understand why we cannot just say what we want; they do not pick up on our hints or they just expect that if we really want something we’ll tell them. So the next time you decide to fly across the country to see a guy and hope he falls madly in love with you for the effort you have made or you want to do something or give him something that you know he’s been wanting and he doesn’t respond with “Take me, I’m yours” just remember that they didn’t ask you to do what you did.

Sometimes the only way to know where you stand is to take a chance and put yourself out there. I hope that for most people it pays off!




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