If you weren’t poor before…



We have raged before about the rising fuel price, but now it has surpassed critical level. It may even have reached the point where we either just get over it and deal with the fact that life is going to keep on getting more expensive or we are going to start doing something about it… and by something I mean ANYTHING! For now the best thing we can do is offer one another ideas on how to cut back on spending habits and hopefully help you to have more money in your wallet/purse. If you have any suggestions on how to cut back and save a little more to put towards petrol (or whatever else you want to spend your money on) every month please post a comment! I have a few suggestions I would like to share:

1. Planning your meals for the week ahead can help you shop smarter and, therefore, save. If you know what you want to eat you can plan all your ingredients and make sure that you get everything in one shop. Otherwise, you’ll be popping back and forth from the store (using petrol)  to make sure you have everything for each day and that can become expensive. I have tried this and it definitely works! OH! And don’t forget to make a list before you go to the store so that you don’t think you need things when you don’t.

2. Collect your loose change 🙂 you may find that you hate having a heavy wallet or purse and the change annoys you! You may also find that saving it goes a long way when you eventually count it out. Go and get yourself a piggy bank!

3. Try buying in bulk! Now don’t go and buy perishable goods in bulk because that’s just silly, but think about the things you use regularly and if you buy them in bulk you may save a few extra cents to put in to you piggy bank.

4. Give yourself an allowance. Instead of spending, swiping, spending try to only spend the amount you have allocated to yourself. Also, be realistic about the cost of living so that you are not tempted to over spend.

Well, those are my tips! If anyone else has found things that work for them please feel free to share. Different strategies and saving techniques work for different people. Please don’t suggest siphoning petrol from other people’s cars.. we want LEGAL suggestions 🙂



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