What is one of the most unattractive things you could think of on a person? Is it unkempt hair, bad breath, funky teeth, neglected skin or is it something as simple as someone who makes excessive use of profanities? Firstly, I have to ask “what is up with my generation and not being able to complete a sentence without throwing in a swear word?” The answer could be as simple as lazy speech that has become a terrible habit. There are so many words in the English language to express oneself that it surprises me to see so many people opting for profanities. I can accept that there are times where there can be no alternative for a vulgar word to describe something, but when you use them in every day conversations you make yourself look trashy!

I do not believe that swearing is more unattractive on a girl than it is on a guy, because technically it does not suit anyone! If you have the attitude that people must accept you the way that you are and you want to continue swearing when you talk about things such as “the nice effing warm bath you had last night” or “the mother effing insanely awesome s&%* you wanted to buy at the mall” then expect people to be weary of you, because there really is no need for using profanities as adjectives. Let me say that again: PROFANITIES ARE NOT ADJECTIVES!

I used to think my dad was a thorn in my side when he “Hey’d” me every time I swore and if only I had listened to him sooner, because when I hear people who speak the way I used to it makes me cringe! You’ll probably notice that they don’t even register that they are using such vulgar language 24/7. Weaning myself off such unattractive and poor speech was only possible by actively forcing myself to NOT swear and to teach myself a new word every single day that passes by. Swearing does not make you hard-core it just makes people shake their heads at you while they are forced to listen to you.

If you want to not be the potty-mouth any more I congratulate you, because that means you are actively trying to improve yourself. That doesn’t mean you may never use a vulgar word again it just means that you use them selectively. Working on improving your negative qualities is always a good thing! If you are under the delusion that swearing makes you seem hardcore then I’m afraid there is not much hope for you. I just pray that it is one of those phases that people grow out of.



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