Trying toughen up a spoilt generation


I would love for any of my friends to challenge me on this one, because there is no way around the fact that we are a spoilt generation and although being spoilt is nice it seems to hinder our ability to toughen up in the real world. The real world is really out there and it doesn’t wait for you to prepare yourself for it. Whether you are ready or not life will eventually bite you in the ass. That is not something you wish on people, but in the same breath maybe it is a good thing, because there are some people out there who are living such sheltered lives that they should feel ashamed to call themselves adults… even young adult is a push!

Who do you blame? Should you blame parents for not letting go of their little babies and continuing to do everything for their children. Surely, parents need to let their children make their own mistakes? You cannot shelter your child forever and the more you shelter them the more harm you are probably doing. But what do I know, because I am not a parent. I just look at people who run to mommy and daddy every time they need something and that is what I base that theory on. Then again, is it the child’s fault for not cutting themselves off and forcing independence on themselves? But why would you do that when life is easy…

I look at friends who had parents who didn’t just hand them everything on a platter and actually made their children find a means of working to get what they wanted and those are the people who seem to be doing really well.

Friends; people I know; people I don’t know who are my age and wishing life was easier… it’s not. The only way it will get any easier is if you trust yourself, apply yourself, don’t run to mommy and daddy when things don’t go as planned and expect them to fix it and don’t be afraid of failure, because everyone fails at something in life. To the clingy parents: Give the rope some slack and trust that you have raised your children sensibly and to make the right decisions. Trying to control them until they are fifty is not good and trying to help them at every turn is just going to keep them being reliant on you. People need to make their own mistakes. Just be there for love, support and advice 🙂



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