Getting engaged super quick!


You never know whether a relationship is going to work out or not and if my parents are anything to go by then there is no definite time frame required for people to date for before they get engaged or married. It is like 37 years later my mother and father  – who met, dated and were married within a year – are still going strong. That doesn’t mean to say that it has or is always peaches and cream for them it just means that they have obviously found out what makes a marriage work… and more importantly, what makes marriage work for them. I don’t think many people go in to a marriage with the idea of divorce somewhere along the line.

I am one of those people who shudders when she hears that people have gotten engaged. When they are engaged after only a few months of dating my first reaction is that they will get divorced as quickly as they got married. Nice, hey? Well, I suppose statistically it is true, but there are quite a few people who beat the odds and those are the people who are getting married for the right reasons and who continue to work on their relationship for the rest of their lives. It is the cynic in me who sees failure in relationships before they have even had a chance, because people seem to want to rush in to things these days. Then again, you will also find that people who have dated for several years and then decide to get married also end up getting divorced so is there really a pattern or does it come down to the individuals who are in that marriage?

What about young people who rush in to marriage as well, are they doomed to be divorced years down the line? I think the one thing you can learn from all of it is that you do not know what goes on behind closed doors, so just because you think people are happy doesn’t necessarily mean that they are and just because people seem to be fighting does not mean that they will not come out the other end in tact.



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  1. Very true what you say here. I’m already at a point where I think single is the best way to go to so I don’t have to worry about divorce. lol, but there is a right time for everything, and yes, the perfect relationship probably does not exist if you don’t work on it and both giving 50 / 50 into it. 🙂

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