Why are women so damn sensitive…?


The answer is very simple; because we make everything personal and therefore we take everything as a personal attack on who we are. I can imagine it must be very difficult for men to understand, because one day their partner may laugh at their little joke and the next day that joke is the end of time itself. I am, of course, generalizing, but if 98% of my female friends do not behave like that then either they are lying or they are the few women out there who can brush things off without a second glance. Women like that do exist, but if every second female tells you that they can take it like a man then you know that you need to be extra sensitive, because they are trying to overcompensate for their insecurities.

Women… there is nothing wrong with being sensitive and fickle! It is what makes us interesting 🙂 And you know guys are not the only ones who have to deal with the sensitivity issue all the time… Us women also have to remember to be sweet and nice and sensitive to every other female we encounter. You would think that because we know all this we would try to be less sensitive, but that is not the case. Instead we choose to ignore it just as men would choose to ignore any household duties they have. I always wondered why men don’t see the crummies they leave behind after making a sandwich or their laundry piling up while they slowly start to run out of clean undies and socks, but alas, we all ignore something.

I wish I had better news or even advice really, but the thing is you never know when your silly joke is going to cross that imaginary line and cause your partner to explode.

Have a great weekend 🙂



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