Mean people who are just being mean…


I would like to educate (certain) people about social media and the different ways you can communicate with people out there who you may never have had the opportunity (and in most cases the pleasure) of meeting had it not been for these great inventions. First of all, there is no need for any prejudice when it comes to conversing with people on social media. Having an opinion is one thing, but spreading your venom where it is unwelcome and unnecessary is not appreciated. More to the point people do not want to be surrounded by that kind of negativity and you will be attacked and bashed by the more sensible people out there for being socially inept.

Second of all, there is no need for name calling! The people on social platforms are actually really pleasant and if you don’t act like a complete brainless, thoughtless moron you might find some value and comfort in the amazing people who you could meet. You know that saying ‘You are who you hang with” well, if you want to hang out with the awesome people and attract positive and helpful people in to your life then you might want to turn the negative, nasty comments down. Some times they can be funny as long as you are not directly attacking and insulting people. If you cannot draw the line then don’t try. If you want to remain inconsiderate and tactless then rather stick to people who are in the same mind-set as you are.

If you want to dish it out then be prepared to take some nastiness right back at you! If you are wrong there is nothing a decent and sincere apology cannot fix. I find it difficult to not stand up for and defend some people who come under attack by socially incompetent people, because whether you have met or not some people have endeared themselves to others. If you want to cause unnecessary trouble crawl back in to your hovel and shut your trap! We don’t need sorry-ass people poisoning our awesome, online community! Just as you would be a cast-off in normal social situations you will be ousted by the online community.



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