Clutching on to your youth…


I remember a while back I wrote a post about mutton dressed as lamb and this pretty much coincides with that. One of the most awful things about life is that you are going to age no matter how hard you try to fight it. Vanity is not going to keep you young and beautiful, but it will lock you in a time capsule. Maybe that is the problem with vanity; you have defined yourself only by what you look like and as soon as that begins to fade away you feel as though you are fading away. I am not saying you should neglect the way you look, but you may want to reposition your thinking. Try to focus on a few other attributes than just one.

There is no pool flowing with water that will leave you eternally youthful if you drink from it and even though there is plastic surgery that will often leave you worse for wear. People who tend to focus on their looks often end up bitter and resentful when they start to fade. We live in a materialistic, pretentious and egocentric world, which doesn’t make it any easier to not obsess over yourself. If it helps time catches up to everyone. It is just one of those things.



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