Don’t touch my stuff!


I would imagine that the rule is pretty simple: If I cannot use your stuff then do not ask if you can use mine. It amazes me how people who do not want to share with others always expect others to share with them. Also, just because someone says yes to you when you ask to use something of theirs does not give you the freedom to scratch around in their drawers and use whatever it is whenever you feel like it. If you spontaneously end up sleeping over at a friend’s place and ask to use their shampoo or whatever the next day then that is totally understandable, because you were unprepared, but if you end up staying over often and you just don’t bother to pack what you;ll need then you become what is commonly known as a leech.

Once you have been dubbed a leech it is not easy to prove to everyone that you are in fact not a leech; you are probably just cheap. That does not just happen with friends, it also tends to happen with co-workers and even family. How do you turn around and tell someone that they are a leech? You have to grow a thick skin and stop worrying whether you are going to hurt their feelings or not. The problem with not telling people is that they will then think it is ok to continue using and abusing you and your stuff. It may seem like a silly thing to worry about, but it may annoy you so much that you start to resent the person and it becomes a reason to dislike them. A silly reason, but a reason.

NEVER make the mistake of saying: “you don’t have to ask me every time you want to use something.” That is giving people the go ahead to use and abuse you! This is possibly a lame girl issue that most men would shrug at because they do not get why we are so protective about our stuff. The thing is that when you spend your hard-earned money on good quality products and your friends, family or co-workers are too stingy to fork out and buy the good stuff for themselves, but will use yours then maybe that how can that not annoy you? If you want to be cheap then use your cheap stuff. If you want to use other people’s things, for lack of a better word, then learn to SHARE and try to not get in to the habit of using their stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary.



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