Living with a chip on your shoulder…



The problem with living with a chip on your shoulder is that it eventually becomes everyone else’s problem as well. Maybe we should identify exactly what it is to live with a chip on your shoulder: Basically, it means that you are looking for a fight; you are angry at the world; it is everybody’s fault but your own; life has handed you a raw deal; the world is out to get me. That sounds like the worst pity party EVER! You know how they say ‘misery loves company’ … well, it’s true.

A chip on your shoulder is not a good thing and after you have torn yourself down you will start to tear down everyone else and blame everyone else for your chip. You carry that grudge with you forever and a day and a grudge is unpleasant, manifests in places you would never expect and they are destructive. You also choose to carry that grudge with you whenever you go, because you can let it go at any time. You know those people who cannot apologise and end up losing friends all the time because saying I’m sorry means hurting their pride? Yes, those people will spend their lives alone and horribly disappointed with the rest of the world.

What about those people who keep grudging up past events and pulling the race card every single time something happens that they don’t agree with? Yes, you are living with a big, fat chip on your shoulder and you are poisoning your own thoughts. You have a chip on your shoulder so what are you going to do about it? The answer is forgive, forget, build a bridge and get over it 🙂 That pretty much means to make peace with whatever ruined your life and stop dwelling on something you cannot change.



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