Imperial Road Tolerance ads…


Whenever I hear the road tolerance adverts I cannot help but think to myself that Imperial has lost the ability to come up with a catchy campaign so now they are just trying to peeve everybody off. To be fair they are making an impression I just don’t know if people actually give a toss though? When you tell me to look at an annoying pedestrian who is playing with their life by running through traffic as a woman trying to save taxi fare you just irritate me even more. So now everyone else’s problems become your problem? If you want to save taxi fair and walk then use then adhere to the rules of the road.

I agree that people (including myself) should turn down the road rage, but I hope Imperial realises that taxi’s don’t just cut you off when they are full of “hard-working people” it is just the way that they drive and that is plain frustrating. And what about all the other “hard-working people” who just so happen to have their own transport? Now we need to give a crap about everyone else and just be ok with the fact that they are cutting us off and playing chicken across the road? And what was that thing about the tired mom… Are you serious? I would be more concerned about the tired nurses and doctors and paramedics on the road. They can have my sympathy. The problems with mom’s on the roads is that most of them are driving big cars that they don’t know how to drive properly.

Am I just being a pessimist towards these adverts or do they bug anyone else? It is as bad as the e-toll tags ad. It is like they are trying to make an annoying thing sound good when it’s just lame.



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