Small town people.


All I can say is small town; small mind. For everyone who is a bit more city than most people have you ever felt the eyes of judgement on you as you sit in a restaurant surrounded by small town people?! So what if you like to wear shoes wherever you go or if you prefer to go to a restaurant fully clothed. And who cares if you like to wear a touch of perfume instead of the entire contents of the bottle?! And what is the big deal about wearing tasteful make-up and even running a brush through your hair??? Small town people and ‘city dwellers’ just have different values, but that does not mean that there needs to be any animosity between the two clashing cultures.

There really is no way around the narrow mindedness of small towners and there is no way you could convince a true city dweller to remove their shoes and go to a restaurant barefoot. If you give in then you probably belong in a small town. I do not care what anyone says, but there is nothing freeing about walking around barefoot. Think of all the crusty stuff collecting on the bottom of your foot… that stuff belongs at the bottom of shoes people!

On the flip side the thing that makes small towns so interesting is the people! Without all the colourful weirdo’s the small towns would completely lose their competitive edge. In fact, the weirder a place is the more people are drawn to it to witness the absurdity. The major difference between city dwellers and small town folk is that different things are important to them. That is why if you want to run a business in a small town that is probably funded mostly by the people from the city then you may want to learn some ‘city people etiquette’ in order to maintain your cash flow. Other than that the small town people can continue to live under a rock, walking around barefoot and scowling at anyone who may not fit in with their weird town culture.


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