Why we always have to get burned..


Have you ever wondered why people refuse to take advice from anyone and would rather make their ‘own mistakes’ before they realise that you were right? Well, it just so happens that we all think we know best so when someone tries to tell you otherwise why would you listen if you know what’s best for you? That actually makes perfect sense… but most of the time you have just convinced yourself that you know best when you probably don’t.

Thinking back I NEVER listened to advice from anyone and every time they explained why they said what they were saying I never actually took in what they were saying i just stood there shaking my head (not listening) and when I did what I wanted I ended up… GETTING BURNED! The thing is sometimes people offer advice because they are just plain selfish and they are not looking out for you, but most of the time people actually care and they don’t want you to be faced with a similar situation that they maybe had to deal with at some point.

Let’s take it to the extreme here: When someone tells you not to take heroine, because they were hooked on serious drugs and it landed them in jail with serious offences and then they had to deal with withdrawal and they had to lose everything before they saw the light, would you then go and take a hit of heroine to see if that person had offered you good advice? If you would then please stop reading this and go away. Maybe not everything in life is that extreme, but all I am trying to get across is that you should consider the advice before you dismiss it without another thought.

If the advice is coming from a reliable friend, family member, your therapist, hey, maybe even from everyone who you talk to then you should probably take what people are saying in to consideration. I am fairly certain that I will still dismiss good advice in the future because I think I know best, but hopefully when it really counts I will pull my head out of my rear and take to heart the advice that certain people may offer.



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