Jealously… The symptoms.


So, basically no one ever wants to admit that they are the jealous type. I mean who wants to be the crazy person stalking someone and watching their every move, because you are a jealous freak. Jealousy is not just about not trusting the other person, it’s also about having some serious issues that you probably never took the time to deal with. Some people’s jealousy is so intense that it will continue to consume them long after the relationship is over.

Jealousy is not one of the emotions you ever want to have to deal with on a daily basis; whether you are the jealous one or the one being afflicted by it. Sometimes you cannot help but have those jealous pangs, but jealousy can drive you to do some crazy S#%&. It is best to avoid it at all costs. Another problem with jealous people is that they often end up believing all the crazy stories they make up in their head which is what can cause that blind, jealous rage. Hopefully these pointers will help you to establish whether you are jealous or not:

1. You constantly accuse your partner of cheating on you and you will check all their forms of contact for any ‘proof’ and you may even go rummaging through their stuff desperately looking for something, anything to make your point.

2. You do not allow your partner to go out without you, because you want to keep an eye on them.

3. You are controlling and tell them what to do, what to wear and probably even how to behave.

4. When you are out you watch their every move and you are sceptical about every person that they talk to.

5. You need constant communication to quell your nerves.

6. You may even falsely accuse your partner ALL THE TIME, just because you have a massive chip on your shoulder.

7. You probably think it is perfectly normal behaviour and you cannot understand why your partner is getting sick of your controlling, erratic behaviour.

None of the above sounds like fun so if you ever catch yourself doing any of those things or if anyone ever accuses you of jealous behaviour you may want to think about the things you may have done or the things you are doing that would cause someone to accuse you of being jealous. Some people are also a little psycho so if you happen to be dating a jealous person who controls your every move you may want to throw on some comfortable shoes and head for the hills.


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  1. Great post Bron.

    There is a very insightful book on the issue (The Dangerous Passion: Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex) that looks at the good and the bad around jealously.

    One of the key insights is that a little jealousy is actual good and that it is an emotion that has a very real and useful evolutionary origin.

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