Strike for the right reasons…


I always pull my nose up at these strikes that seem to take place on a continuous basis in South Africa, but for some reason today’s strike has an enormous amount of support. My honest opinion is that this time around they are striking for the right reasons and their concerns resonate with more than just a single group of people in South Africa. Today they are striking for reasons that are going to affect all of us. How else is the public going to voice their concern with regards to the increasing cost of living in South Africa? If it is not Eskom failing hopelessly to implement sustainable plans to generate more electricity at cheaper rates then it is the petrol price increasing yet again. Once those costs go up everything seems to increase along side with it. Now with the introduction of e-tolling it just seems as though we cannot win.

There is, of course, always a flip side to such events, but let us hope that this really is for the right reasons. In case you really have no clue what today is all about please refer to the link below:

That may help to clarify why these strikes are taking place. I know the people living on  the bread-line must be suffering, but I also think at this point in time everyone is sick and tired of taking these knocks to their salaries and constantly having to re-prioritise as the price of fuel, food, electricity and day-to-day living expenses creep up. They may think that inching the cost of living up in small doses is not as noticeable as one massive increase, but they could not be more wrong.

Let’s us see what unfolds today. If anyone thinks that the strike is nonsense or if anyone has anything to add please do. Oh, and people… Let’s keep it civilised!



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