Don’t forget to feed your high horse…


When someone tells you to ‘get off your high horse’ they are telling you to stop behaving as if you are better than everyone else. It is always entertaining to watch people as they falter from their comfy spot on their high horse when they are faced with similar situations that they openly criticised others for their decision making at the point. The mouth is not so big when the shoe is on the other foot, now is it?

I suppose at one time or another we all feel as though we are better than others at making certain decisions, but until you have been faced with a similar situation it is probably best to not act as though you are all high and mighty because that behaviour will one day come back to bite you in the behind. It’s always easy to criticise others and take the moral high road when you are not the one in the situation. When you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes – and to all the hilariously funny people out there these are not literal shoes they are figurative – then maybe your opinion would be valid.

I am not saying that this is the case every single time, because sometimes people just make BAD DECISIONS. You do not need to be in their position to see that, because everything about the whole situation screams  BAD DECISION. Just think about that the next time you want to open your mouth and judge someone else for what they have done, because pretty soon you may yourself doing the exact same thing you criticised others for doing.



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