Fight for a reason…


My ears always prick up when someone makes an interesting comment and because I am such a loud mouth I thought that this comment was particularly interesting; don’t fight for the sake of fighting. That may seem very silly and obvious to some people out there, but I can promise you that I am not the only one who fights with people just for the sake of fighting. Most of the time it is just unnecessary, bitchy fights because someone has flipped the wrong switch. The problem is that it can become a nasty little habit and you tend to pick fights for very stupid reasons which just makes you look stupid.

Who should be held responsible for your actions? YOU! If you pick a fight with someone bigger than you then just remember that you may lose. Fighting just sounds like a terrible word, but whether it is verbal or physical it amounts to the same thing. You are looking to deflect your aggression and rage on to someone or something else. If you have a feisty tongue that tends to land you in more trouble than you would like to admit then I really can empathize with you, because as far as big mouths go mine flaps more often than it should.

I have been thinking about a decent measure for ‘is this worth a fight or not’ and the best thing I can think of is are you looking to resolve something or are you just trying to blow off steam and be unreasonable? I am not saying that this is the only solution, but it seems fairly realistic. If you are not looking to resolve a problem then you probably just feel like fighting for the sake of fighting. All the placid people can shake their fingers at us fiery ones, because they generally take everything with a pinch of salt.

If anyone has any other advice on how to tell whether a fight is worth picking or not, please share 🙂



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