Sticking to Lent… Lucky Lucy Foundation.


So after writing a whole long piece about Lent and why it is important something went wrong and deleted everything, but the good thing is that I did not swear. So I passed that test. I have given up swearing for Lent and to make up for poor speech I have taken up learning a new word everyday so that I can expand my vocabulary and try to kick the nasty habit of swearing instead of using alternative words to express myself. Swearing is horrible on anyone, but on a girl it is even worse. Those of you who know me will know that I tend to swear all the time. I did not realize how much I swore until I made a concerted effort to listen out for certain words and they popped up more than I would like. Besides, Princesses should not swear 😛

Every time I swear R1 goes in to a swear jar and that money does not come back to me at the end of Lent, because that would be absolutely pointless; I would be rewarding myself for bad behaviour. Before you tell me how ‘noble’ I like some random did, the money is going to the Lucky Lucy Foundation which is an animal shelter and rehabilitation centre for abused and abandoned animals. I could think of no better cause to give back to. If you would like more information on them then please click on the links below:

Lent is not only about sacrificing something that you enjoy doing or indulging in, but it could also mean giving up your time for a worthwhile cause and forcing yourself to give back to your community. To all those who have bothered to make an effort for Lent I hope that you gain more than you expected and that you learn that you do have willpower and self-control.



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