Have you ever been flipped off by a motorcyclist? If you have not been flipped off then you have managed to accomplish 360 degree vision, because motorcyclist’s have the ability to appear out of thin air. I remember talking to this guy who will only drive his motorcycle and he said that there is a correct way and an incorrect way to drive and most of the people on the roads who own motorbikes do not drive them properly. So before all the motorcyclists tell me I am being unfair, it was one of your own who outed you! Aside from driving like complete wreck-less morons they never seem to follow the rules of the road; Yes, you also have road rules and regulations to abide by! For some reason motorcyclists believe that the rules do not apply to them. That does not mean all motorcyclists are terrible on the roads, it just means the majority of them are armatures.

I do not mind motorbikes nipping through traffic, but when they fly down the middle of the road they are asking to smack in to the back or side of a car. Cars are bigger than you so instead of being obnoxious about it behave as if they are bigger than you and can do some serious harm. I want to feel sorry for motorcyclists, but there are laws in place for a reason and that is to protect you. As far as I know motorbikes have to drive just like cars would; one behind the other. If you insist on nipping through traffic then know that there may be severe consequences. The middle of the road is not a lane and although it is law for people to indicate when changing lanes many dumb drivers do not do that.

Another point is those motorbikes that appear out of thin air. You will be driving along and the next thing you know there is a loud, zooming motorbike flying past you. My source who told me about bad motorcyclists said that, that should never be the case. Drivers should always know you are coming instead of you zooming by. As much as motorcyclists would like to feel superior to cars and bigger modes of transport at the end of the day they have nothing to protect them in the event of an accident. As much as you would want to blame drives you have chosen to drive on a motorcycle so take it upon yourself to be a vigilant driver.

I do wish all the motorcyclists safe journeys everyday, but just remember you are more vulnerable  than people who sit behind metal, air bags, seatbelts and whatever other safety features a car may have.


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