You know you’re a princess when…


I know that there are many people out there who are called princess but there are some reassuring signs to look out for that indicate you are royalty. This is just a silly post, but I am sure that all the princesses will enjoy reading it, because there is nothing better than KNOWING you are a princess.

First of all you wear a tiara on your birthday, because your birthday is all about you. The focus of the entire day should be around you and anyone who does not adhere to that should not be invited to enjoy your presence on your birthday! I mean, it is a privilege to be invited to such an auspicious occasion.

Second of all you would have had someone in your family calling you princess from before you could even blink. That sends what we call ‘princess vibes’ to you to groom you for the rest of your life.

Thirdly, you do not have to tell anyone that you are a princess; they will automatically know it. Like whenever people who do not know me try to be polite and make me feel special they refer to me as princess. Some people may be called darling or sweetheart, but a princess will always be a princess, even to strangers 🙂

Now it is not to say that princesses should be pig-headed and snobby about the fact that they carry the princess gene it just means that they do not have to try to be a princess, because they just are. No one can take it away from them. Princesses are humble, loveable and caring and although they may come across as spoiled and demanding they really are not.

So now you know whether you are a princess or not. Jealous people will always tell you that a princess is not very high up in the royalty food chain, but it is all the glamour without any of the hard work. Besides, peasants will always try to make you feel bad for being a princess 😉 If anyone wishes to add some more points please do. If you wish to criticise than by all means go for it.



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