The fine line between conceited and confident…


When some people hear the words ‘You look beautiful’ it brings a smile to their face and they will probably blush and say ‘No, I’m not.’ It may be very frustrating to some people that there are girls who do that, but it is better to be modest than to shoot a look that says ‘tell me something I don’t know.’ To some people being told that they are beautiful is like pointing out that the sky is blue. The thing is that it should not matter how many times you are told that you look beautiful, because each time you hear it you should be appreciative of hearing those words.

It is the people who allow compliments to go to their heads who eventually, inevitably become conceited. FYI, the conceited look does not look good on anyone. Those are the people who ruin compliments for the rest of us, because when someone politely tells you that you look lovely it should not feed your ego. Have you not seen Beauty and the Beast? Being confident means that you are secure and sure of yourself; it does not mean that your head resides up your ass..

There are actually people who walk around thinking the world of themselves and even though they don’t care the rest of us are judging you. I would rather compliment someone who needs it. When someone is so conceited that they think that their asshole produces daylight there is no point in wasting your breath on them.



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