Taking nekkid photo’s of yourself..


There is much debate about who to blame: The sicko who shares the photo with everyone or the idiot who decided to take naughty photos of themselves and then on top of that send those photo’s on to – shall we call them – ‘admirers’. I do not have it in me to feel very sorry for people who insist on taking dirty photos or videos of themselves and then share those with people who they probably do not know very well. The other worrying factor are the people who look at those photos and send them to even more people. Sick much? The last thing I want to do if offend anyone, but it is not always easy to be sensitive on these matters. The one thing you HAVE to remember is that just because you can be trusted with something private and personal does mean that everyone else can and unfortunately, some people have to learn that the hard way.

There is nothing wrong with sex-ting with your boyfriend or fling! It is perfectly healthy; but sex-ting does not include naughty pictures, because it is all talk. If you are in a relationship and you want to ignite that passionate flame then sex-ting is one way of doing it. You know about the internet, right? You know about social media, right? So why would you even risk taking sexy photos of yourself and sending them on to someone else? Why was facebook created… to humiliate a girl who didn’t want to date a guy. People are assholes! Have you not read about all those celebrities who have had their phones hacked? If people can get dirt on you and share it THEY WILL. As much as we would like to think that people are trustworthy the majority of humans are pigs and we have all been raised differently so what some people may keep private others will publicize.

We come down on the people who shared the photos, but not on the people who took the photos and sent them to someone else in the first place? I do not want to sound like I am condoning the pathetic behaviour of the person who publicize’s the photo’s or the people who then look at those photo’s and send them along to even more people, but if they had not been taken there would be nothing to expose. It is like people who cry when they find out they are pregnant after they went and had unprotected sex… You know there are consequences to actions so be a little more responsible.

I would love to know people’s comments about taking nekkid photo’s of yourself and sending them to ‘entice’ a love interest. I know there are mixed feelings about it and I just had to express mine, because with social media these days you have to expect the worst from people. I am not just targeting guys, because we all know how far a bitch will go to make another girl look bad.



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  1. I completely agree with you! Why take the chance? The same goes for celebs and their “private” sex tapes. You KNOW it’s going to be leaked, why do it?

    I often think the whole world has just gone mad.

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