Bouncers arrested in raids…


It may be naive to think that going out clubbing is perfectly harmless and you are not aiding and abetting some underworld activities. The last thing you probably consider is that in some way you are a part of the illegal dealings that are taking place right under your nose. The really scary part is that you are expecting these people to be the ones who protect you when things turn sour and not to be the ones causing the fights. To be fair, we all need to make a living, but I do not understand why businesses just cannot do things above-board? Is it too much to ask that you follow the rules and regulations set in place instead of doing everything in your power to break the law? We do not live in the Wild West FFS. If you suck at business you cannot go around threatening and intimidating people into using your services.

The other thing that puzzles me is that the police decided to arrest these bouncers while they were at their posts. Isn’t that asking for trouble? I mean you say you want patrons to be protected and there you go arresting big, scary men (who probably work out more than the police do) at the night clubs they work at… where there are defenceless people. I know that where there is demand there will be a supply and that there are more people than we would like to admit who are caught up in that seedy, underworld life. The last thing I want to be doing is contributing to the drug world when all I want to do is go out and maybe have some alcohol and have a perfectly legal night of fun.

Here is the link to the main story:

Have a read over it if you have not heard about the whole thing and let me know how you feel about this, because it makes me wary of going out and it makes me want to take up some form of ass kicking to protect myself.



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