Caked on make-up.


I understand that people may feel insecure about their skin or their appearance and they may think that caking on layers and layers of make-up is going to make them feel better, but I am sorry to be the one to tell you that people can see that you have caked on layers of make-up. It is not just people who have bad skin who do it, but also people who really just feel very insecure about the way they look. Make-up is supposed to high-light your features not create new ones. You should not have to hide behind layers of foundation, because when you wake up in the morning you should be happy with the person you see before you start your usual make-up routine.

These days you can find a foundation that actually blends in so well with your skin that you could smack on ten layers and it would not make a difference. I am not saying you should go out and buy a fancy foundation so that you can pack on ten layers at a time!!! If you have bad skin no amount of make-up is going to cover it and you may just make it look worse. I, myself, have tried to cover up those massive zits with layer after layer of make-up and it does not work.

Think about it like this: you don’t want to walk around looking like its Halloween every day. I do not want to be mean or degrading, because I know everyone is different and we all have different insecurities, but I just want the people who cake on their make-up to know that people can see it. You may think that it is well blended, but we know that your skin begins a few millimeters underneath the foundation layers.

Does anyone have any advice they would like to offer? Or have I unintentionally offended anyone, because they know that they are guilty of packing on layer after unnecessary layer of make-up?



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  1. And here I thought that folk only caked it on when applying for a part in “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”.

    Either way it’s entertaining.

    But, really ladies, less is more. If you have a skin problem caking it on will only compoud the issue… really.

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