Dead Romance!



You do not have to have been in a relationship for years for the romance to fizzle out. Some people who have only been together for a few weeks eventually get comfortable and forget to make that extra effort. You could probably even watch and track as some people begin to expand around their waistline once they reach the, shall we call it ‘comfort-zone’ and I can tell you now that it will not be a pretty ending. It is not just the expanding midriff that people do not take notice of, but for some reason people stop doing anything that involves leaving their couch behind. The reason for that kind of behaviour is pretty straight-forward. When you become comfortable you do not think about things like what you eat because you have someone so you do not have to worry about impressing anyone else. Also, you forget that although you may have someone who cares you still have to keep them interested.

It is the sweet, little gestures that count and in order to make sure that all those gestures do not become habit you may have to be a bit strategic about how often you do them and what they are. Dinners are great, but every now and again you can take your special someone somewhere special. Getting takeaway’s should not become a habit, because although it saves having to do the dishes nothing says romance like the effort that goes in to a home cooked 3-course meal for two. Of course girls cannot expect guys to make all the effort so these points are unisex. Offer to take your man out and pay ladies, because they also need to be appreciated!

Girls always expect the guys to go the extra mile and not only is that irrational and selfish, but it is also an absurd expectation to have of someone when you are not willing to reciprocate or make the same effort. Doing the dishes and cleaning up are not romantic gestures. If it bothers you so much then designate tasks between the two of you, but don’t expect to be adored for doing what needs to be done. Yes, you need to be appreciated, but make sure it is for the right reasons. Daily chores and romance should not be placed in the same category. Being appreciated and keeping the romance alive is a two-way street. Talking can go a long way and you should be comfortable enough with your partner to talk about anything.

I hope all those couples out there who have forgotten about romance find a way to bring it back. It is not easy, but it is also not impossible.



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