People who move and leave their pets behind..


You know how sometimes when you buy a place people will sell it with the furniture included? Well, this is like that, except people just leave their pets behind and bugger off. I do not even want to know what people are thinking when they move and just decide to leave their pets behind as if they are inanimate objects. Those are the people who should never be allowed to have animals in the first place. You hear these absurd stories and you have to wonder to yourself if they are actually true, but then you speak to people who have ended up taking care of those animals after their bastard neighbours just moved out and left their pets behind without a second thought. The most disgusting part of it all is that those people will probably go and get new pets wherever it is they have relocated to. If it was up to me I would find those heartless people a nice spot in hell.

I am being so unreasonable. I mean I did not realize that animals have the ability to go to shops, buy food and feed themselves. How incredibly short-sighted of me. How could I forget that animals can open doors and fill up their water bottles…! All joking aside, it is probably more humane to have the animal put down than to leave them behind to fend for themselves. It is a disturbing thought to think that it is more humane to have the animals euthanized instead of leaving them to starve while the humans move to a new home without them.

I do not even care what the reasons are behind leaving your pet(s) behind with no food or water or a chance to survive. I don’t care if you lost your job or are a drug addict. People like that should be locked up in a room and treated the exact same way. In fact, all pet owners who abuse their animals should have the same done to them so that they can see what it feels like to be mistreated, abused, starved and beaten. There is no retribution great enough to avenge the things that some despicable people do to animals.

I know the responsibility falls on to other people who actually have hearts, so if you see people who do that contact the SPCA immediately or at least help out as much as you can until the animals have new homes.



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