“It’s not you, it’s me…”


Raise your hand if you have ever had someone use that vague and annoying line on you… Raise your hand if you have ever used that line on anyone before…

For all those who did not raise their hand just give it time. At some point you will come across someone who thinks that “it’s not you, it’s me” is a perfectly good enough reason why you should break-up or you may feel the need to use that line in order to escape telling someone that is really is them. People may also use that line to avoid any confrontation, but at the end of the day when you break it down you should know that what that person is trying to say is one of 2 things:

1. They have met someone else

2. They are just not into you

Let’s be reasonable about this; just because you are madly in love (or infatuated) with someone does not mean that they feel the same way about you. It also does not mean that if they tell you that they do not feel the same way that you are going to crumble. Sometimes it is better to know the truth than to be fed some bullshit that does not even make sense. You may not like that they have met someone else or that they are not in to you, but at least you have some sort of closure.

It is even more pathetic when someone tells you something like that over a text message or email, because as if using that line is not pathetic enough itself now they cannot even muster the common decency to talk to you and tell you that they are just not interested. You might want to give people a little more credit, because they would rather be told the truth. You may be shocked to know that some people will shrug it off and get over it so maybe you ought to get over yourself. There will be those who freak out and scream at you, but that is all part of the drama  of breaking up and you should allow people to let their crazy out, because that is probably just how they deal with it.

At the end of the day it is better to be rid of someone if they cannot even respect you enough to tell you the truth.



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  1. “Maybe it’s the Chad”

    Yup, seems that many people are just plain cowards, or simply can’t communicate what it is that they really feel/want. At the end of the day however, if someone is dumb enough to go, be smart enough to let them.

    • ooohhh yes! I like that… Quote: ” if someone is dumb enough to go, be smart enough to let them.” Unquote. There is no point in forcing someone to stay with you if they just don’t feel the same way.

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