Can guys and girls ever be just friends?


It’s funny to hear the guy’s side to this, because if you ask a guy if they can ever be friends with a girl their answer is pretty standard and that is that the point of being friends with a girl is to obtain the end result which is usually… you guessed it, SEX. So, to the smug girls running around yelling that you have tons of guy friends you may want to consider the fact that they are friends with you because they want to be with you and not just because you are like, a super awesome like, person. When a guy calls you up and asks you out for a meal the hidden message is that he likes you (dramatic music).

Now for the guys: you need to understand that although girls like subtlety and romantic gestures we also like to know exactly what is going on in your head so when you call and ask a girl out you should make your intentions clear. Either you tell the girl you would like to take them out on a date, because that is pretty self-explanatory or you fail by saying you would just like to take them out. How many girls have been asked out by a guy thinking it was just going to be a friendly drink or meal and then when they blow the guy off (which you are probably not doing intentionally you just do not feel the same way about them) you never hear from them again?

Even if you have a boyfriend and you happen to have guy friends those guy friends will still be wondering ‘can I tap that?’ Most guys will respect the relationship and not make a move but they will still think it. The same goes for girls who are super friendly and flirty with guys; if they call you all the time and follow you around like a little puppy dog they probably like you. It’s a nice little ego boost for both genders. I have seen some girls behave shamelessly around guys they like who probably think that they are just friends until one day the girl pounces.

So, can guys and girls ever just be friends?



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  1. i have real guy friends but this is cause we tried the whole being together thing and realised we’ve been friends for so long it’s simply too weird. that and half of them are gay 😛

  2. I think they can yes. I generally get on better with men than women and sometimes prefer the less maintenance of it.
    Throughout school I had a guy best friend. At one time I liked him, but he didn’t like me; then he liked me, but I didn’t like him… But we were great buds.

    Of course can’t say what’s happening on a deep subconscious level and what you state could be true and probable but I still think they can be platonic friends too.

    I guess it’s also good to set boundaries and know where each of yous stands.

    • But you still liked each other at certain points so there were other intentions which means that you can’t just be friends without falling for each other at some point. It does not mean that you cannot get along it just means that at some point you both wanted more from each other and that is only natural.

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