The Shit Stirrers In The Office


Just about every office has them and they are the people who if you had to weed them out then your office environment would be a whole different set-up. In fact if you had to get rid of them then you may be able to take care of some office politics at the same time as well. You should be able to tell who the shit stirrer(s) are within the first few days of working in an office and if you are one of them then maybe you want to read this and see what it is you are doing to the people around you. Not only does the office shit stirrer cause trouble, they also tend to make the work place an uncomfortable, uninviting and unpleasant place to be. An office environment is not the place to conspire and plot against co-workers just because you may clash with them, because if you are not the boss then it is none of your business.

It is easy to say that it is just females who tend to cause trouble in the work place, but there are men out there who cause as much unnecessary trouble as women do so I will not put it down to gender I will put it down to vindictive personalities. People who tend to have their heads too far up their bosses behind are the ones who usually go around causing trouble because they think that they are, shall we say indispensable?! They believe that they can get away with causing trouble because their boss will never let them go. It is that smugness that allow them to believe that they can reign with terror over other employees and the thing is people do not want to go up against the person who is close with the big boss, because that is never a nice position to be in. The end result is suffering in silence and for the company the end result would a high turnover of staff because not everyone can put up with that for long.

How do you deal with the office bitches you ask? Well, the best thing you can do is not give them any ammo and if they say something you do not like then deal with it on the spot in a diplomatic manner. The office bitches will find any way to get to you and get the information they want so if you have co-workers asking you things about other co-workers then rather do not get involved. They may seem like harmless questions at first, but a shit storm is what awaits you.



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