Be careful what you put in writing…


QUOTE: “” Unquote.

It is a lot easier to take back words you have said than words that have been immortalized in print. Before text messages, emails, facebook and twitter people communicated via letters and verbal communication and although it is easier to burn a letter than it is to burn an e-mail people seemed to care about what they said and took the time to write things down carefully, because they knew how powerful written words could be. These days people go around spewing out word vomit thinking it is acceptable when it really is not. You never know who will hold grudges against you i.e hold on to your snotty emails or text messages and who will just delete them and forget about it. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and sharing that, but you cannot go around telling people you will ‘cut them’ or something silly like that.

I am not the most politically correct person around, but I would like to think that when it counts I can and will be more sensitive to others. If you decide to be a crass idiot then be prepared to suffer the repercussions after you press send. Making hurtful and sadistic comments on a public forum does not make you cool, it makes you an inconsiderate dill-hole. Sending people angry and interfering messages may not always go as planned so if you have something to say grow a pair, pick up the phone and call the person or arrange to meet them somewhere and talk about it.


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  1. I promise I’ll delete your texts and forget about them 😉
    I try not worry what people write to me seeing as I do worry when people say things to me funny enough :-/

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