Finish what you start!


What is a new year without a fresh start… Some people need an excuse or a specific day to start something like a Monday(Because it is the beginning of a new week), the beginning of a new month or a new year so if you are one of those people who cannot start something the minute you decide it, now is the opportunity to start whatever it is you have been wanting to. I was thinking about some new years resolutions and I decided that if I am going to make any they have to be measurable and I have to write them down, because if you do not you forget what you wanted and why you wanted it. All I can say is that Christmas and New Year passed by so quickly that it does not make sense to put things off any longer than you have already.

I do not enjoy lame, inspirational talks because it makes people cringe and for a good reason so let me share with you the one quality I believe can make all the difference when it comes to your new years resolutions;  finish whatever it is you have started!!! If you decide to run a marathon and a quarter of the way you feel like you want to give up you need to keep telling yourself to finish what you started. If you want to start a new business venture then go for it, but do not give up half way because it may get a little tough and things may not go exactly as you planned. That is another thing to keep in mind; plan your goals from start to finish and be realistic about them.

Good luck to all those who have decided to set some new goals for the new year. I hope you achieve everything you have set out to achieve and that it brings you much happiness.



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