Christmas / X-mas.. That’s right, I said it!


I am not sure what all the fuss is about and why people are complaining about other’s making use of the abbreviation X-mas? If you actually believe that it is an affront to Christ then I think you may have lost the plot. It does not make it any less sincere and it does not change the fact that someone just wished you a Merry Christmas and you have complained about it. I get annoyed when people say Happy Christmas, because it is Merry Christmas, but I am not going to turn around and give the person a lecture for having the decency to wish me a nice Christmas… Oh, I am sorry… A nice X-mas.

If you think people walking around saying Merry X-mas is the worst thing anyone could possibly do then I suggest you switch on the news and find a legitimate topic to rant about. It is Christmas time and the last thing anyone needs is a a lecture on how they are offending Christ by saying X-mas. Do you think people do not know that X-mas is short for Christmas or something?


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