You Can’t Please Everyone…


… or how about anyone? I am getting to the point where I want to start stuffing socks in the mouths of those South Africans that have to look for something negative in absolutely everything! Let us take the DA’s initiative to encourage people to go get tested for HIV; they have decided to offer the opportunity to win prize money for those who go and get tested to know their status. Then you have to hear some ridiculous statements such as ‘They are saying HIV is only affecting poor people.’ Firstly, the criteria to get tested for HIV does not say that only poor people can be tested and you have to take a bank statement along to prove that. Anyone who goes and gets tested can stand a chance to win the money, so please tell m,e what on earth is negative about that? If more people know their status then I think the DA deserves a pat on the back, because at the end of the day that is the point of the whole “know your status” drive and just because other political parties did not have the brains to think it up I do not see why the DA should get any slack for it. Be thankful that they care enough to encourage people to go and get tested!

My next point is to do with the whole 16 days of activism against the abuse of women and children. There was a woman who had the nerve to make the comment that by including women in the whole thing they are drowning out the voice of the children. The only words to describe my rage are too explicit to include on here. Why would you find something negative in a campaign that is trying to encourage people to take a stance against the abuse of women and children? Surely, you should be in support of such a campaign and if you think something as pathetically petty as it is drowning out the voice of the children by including women in the whole thing then surely you would have the sense to shut your mouth and just think that and not share it? It takes one stupid person to share their stupid thoughts and plant those stupid seeds of stupid thought in to the minds of other stupid people. I know that there was a lot of stupid mentioned in that sentence, but people seem to go out of their way to find something negative in things that are not meant to be negative at all.

I am aware that I am no ray of sunshine, but hearing things like that just demonstrates how negatives South Africans are. We are all walking around with a chip on our shoulders and looking for someone else to blame the whole time or to accuse people and organizations of things that are not true. We take good intentions and find malice in them when there was no malice to begin with. I am not saying that we should accept everything at face value, but do we have to find fault in absolutely everything? Maybe what we need to start doing is filter our thoughts and thinking about what we say before we actually say it. How are things ever supposed to get better if we just find fault in good things that are meant to help us progress? Maybe people need to lighten the eff up and stop being so miserable!!!


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  1. Perhaps instead of always finding the negative, be the opposite of what you complain about, e.g.: instead of complaining that the against women & children abuse drowning out the childrens’ voices, that woman couldve been their voice.
    Be active, don’t just stand around saying what can be better in your opinion… SHOW how things can be better.

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