The dreaded car guards!


I know there are some people who do not like carrying coins around in their wallet or purse, because they can get really heavy and they fall out all the time, but that does not mean that we now like to give our coins away to car guards on every bloody corner! If you ask me I would much rather park in a parking garage where I pay a machine for the parking than be harassed by a car guard! What is this bullshit where they come up to your window and knock on your window asking for money? I did not ask them to be there and I do not owe them anything. If that is job creation is it a bunch of nonsense. I have had them ask me for money when I have literally stopped some where for two minutes to pick something up. I cannot express my rage when it comes to car guards because I think it is such a bullshit job to begin with. They have not enriched my life in any way yet they expect me to hand out money to them for standing around doing nothing.

Yes, there have been occasions where car guards have stopped people who have driven in to your car and made them leave their details, but that barely happens! You are more likely to find a car guard that is going to offer you cocaine or marijuana than you are to find one that is going to get the details of the driver who drove in to your car. I have heard stories from friends who have had their cars broken in to while the car guards stand around looking lost doing absolutely nothing about it so to me it is like enabling begging! I have even watched car guards while they gesture for people to reverse straight in to each other. I know some people suck at driving in general, but your rear-view mirror, side mirrors, neck and eyeballs are there to assist you when you reverse your car.

Pointing out parking bays and shit like that is just not worth being harassed for money! I had some random freak grab my arm while I was on my way to my car and it was me kicking him in the shins that made him let go, not the car guard who came yelling down the road afterwards. Even though I have had this long rant about car guards there are still the occasional few that I will give money to. I do not know how all other South Africans feel about the whole car guard situation so please feel free to comment!

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  1. This stories what you mentioning here are shocking. Never thought that some car guards can be like that. Could be that they think they can take more chances with woman.
    In general I don’t have a problem with them and see them as people who just want an income. I sometimes think, what if I were standing there but I tip most of them according to how long I’ve been away. 🙂
    On the other hand having to pay at a Paypoint is preferrable and safer.

    • The guy offered me cocaine about 2 weekends ago and I was stunned.. I am constantly harassed by them so I do not bother tipping them anymore. If it is raining I am more likely to tip them otherwise I do not bother. It adds up.

  2. I agree 100%! they drive me mental! I pay my insurance every month & don’t see why I should have to pay a car guard for actually doing nothing!

  3. I pay them depending on how long I’ve been there. If I’m just popping in to a shop for 2 minutes I tell them firmly that I’m doing just that – then they don’t act surprised when I give them nothing. I must say you get good and bad car guards, and in general I’m happy to have them around on a dark night in the CT city centre, for example. Yes, they may not be a big deterrent, but people are less likely to break into your car if they’re around.

    I came across this article some time back – maybe have a read when you get the chance, it may change the way you look at them:

    • Brilliant link! Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel a bit bad for having my rage session at car guards, but at the same time I guess we cannot help everyone but sometimes a little bit will do. We have to have a sense of community.

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