Being Approachable!



Girls, here is a tip: Instead of getting jealous and uptight when guys approach your friends the whole time instead of you why don’t you pick your fat lip off the floor, try smiling and maybe people will respond positively to you. You spot see those girls who stand around looking as though their world is about to end a mile off and I can tell you now no one wants to talk to you, because you look as though you will attack them if they do. You may not think that you are giving off bad vibes, but I am telling you now that you are. It does not make you the cool one it makes you the angry one no one wants to hang around. Also, looking around aggressively does not help either. That makes you look desperate and angry. You do not have to be a super hot girl to be approachable either. I have seen girls who behave like complete bitches and then they wonder why guys do not want to talk to them? I would rather talk to the nice person in the group as well. Just because a guy talks to you does not mean that you now have to go home with him or hook up with him. All you have to do is be polite and then if he does not listen to you when you are polite you can turn on the rage.

Also, if you want to surround yourself with attractive friends then you may just have to deal with the fact that more guys will be attracted to them than to you. If that upsets you then you should rather hang out with girls who are not prettier than you, because your jealousy is unjust. Do you expect your sparkling personality to shine through your bitterness? Also, when guys go up to your friends to talk to them there is no need for you to turn on your bitch switch and step in as if you are saving the day, because I am sure that your friends can handle themselves and if they need help they will let you know. There is no need for you to bat potential on their behalf. Instead of worrying about the guys who go up to your friends rather worry about yourself.

You see girls sulking about the fact that no one ever talks to them and guys never approach them and there really is a simple explanation for it all. The more you sulk and obsess about it the less attractive you seem. A smile really makes all the difference. I have tried and tested the theory and it works like a charm. If you want people to leave you alone them keep that straight, angry look on your face, but if you want people to approach you then you should smile and be happy. This happens with guys as well. You will find that the prick of the group is being a prick because none of the girls are paying attention to him. You have to make people want to talk to you and only you can make the effort to be sincere and approachable. So stop complaining, stop being defensive and you might just find that people will begin to approach you. It is not all about your looks so stop blaming your situation on the way you look.



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  1. you know this works for men as well? I know some guys, really great guys, but they are so unapproachable it’s scary. Either a very mean, defense look on them, or just to shy, especially if they haven’t had some drink in them.

    people are strange animals.

  2. Loved this post, confidence is a very attractive feature and if a woman doesnt consider themselves beautiful or sexy or whatever the case might be they need to find a feature they can expand on and use to their benefit.

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