Moms and Dads.


Growing up you start to realize more and more that your parents are just the older version of who you are, because you really do become like your parents whether you like to admit it or not. That includes the good and the bad qualities that make your parents who they are, because let’s face it; no one is perfect and we all have good and bad qualities. I can safely say that I do not mind if I become like my parents, because they are good people and even though they will probably quote me on this at some point in the future and remind me about it every opportunity they get I think that they are some of the best people I know. I am not just saying that because they are my parents either I am saying that because it is the truth.

I am sure there are many people out there who will gladly admit that their father is an asshole or that their mother is a cow and you should be able to say that without feeling bad because even though they are your parents it does not mean that they are good people. It also does not mean that you do not love them, it just means that you accept them for who they are. You have to learn to separate the two because we tend to put our parents on a pedestal and I have met parents who do not belong on that pedestal, because they kind of suck. When you have really great parents though you should make sure that they know that you think they are great. Just like children want to be reminded that they are loved by their parents our parents would probably like the same thing in return.

I am not kidding about the whole admitting that your parents are not nice people if they really are not. That is what messes people up a lot of the time. You sit there and wonder how your parents could be so cruel, but whether they are family or not people can do bad things and people can be nasty little creatures when they want to be. I am really lucky that my parents are who they are and although we have our disagreements from time to time I know that no matter what they will always be great people. When you have a great family you should make the effort to let them know that they are great and if things are not great with your family then makes your friends your family, because at least you can choose them.



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