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This goes out to all those cheeky, selfish employers who hire younger people only to take advantage of them and pay them a pittance for it. There is no way to express my rage when it comes to people like that, because all you are doing is forcing our generation to believe that there are no decent employers out there. You do not set a good example and you basically make us hate our lives for the duration of our employment with you. Please tell me how you think anyone can survive on a salary that is under R5000 a month if they have to pay rent, pay for petrol, buy food and hopefully have enough money to buy clothes when necessary? Do you see how I have not even included any luxuries in that… that is because no one would be able to afford any luxuries after paying for the rest of the stuff. I have not even take debit orders in to account for things like insurance so basically what you are doing is encouraging people to not have any insurance because they cannot afford it. Then for that money you expect people to work 12 hours a day with no lunch break and you wonder why people wake up one day with a massive chip on their shoulder?

I wish there was a way to weed the good employers from the bad employers, because no one deserves to go to work everyday hating their life and wishing that things were different. That is no way to live and I have seen the difference between people who love their job and people who absolutely hate their job. It is such a big part of your life that it has to be something that makes you happy. Also, just because you are business savvy does not mean you have the necessary skills to deal with your employees. What about all those idiots who have managerial positions and they are so disorganized and chaotic that they never know what is going on so they blame everyone else for dropping the ball when it is actually them! My frustration with employers who think that they can order their staff around as though they own them just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel the pain of those who have to go through that and when you see your friends who are so happy to go to work everyday you should be happy for them, because that is not a daily occurrence.

‘Horrible Bosses’ is based on things that people actually have to deal with when it comes to work… There really are mean people like that out there! This is your chance to rage about your boss or manager if they are a royal prick so get it out of your system!



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  1. I think you will get a lot of responses on this post! I agree with you 100%! The employers these days prefer to hire an idiot with 5 months work experience just because he is asking for a R4000 salary due to the fact he lives with his parents.

    I feel our country should bring a law into the picture where they get analysts to depict a chart of every job description and how much each person should get paid according to their experience for example if you have 2 years experience you should earn R7000 – R10 000 depending on the company and if they offer you less, you should be able to report that company for slave labour! Why surrender good experience and quality of work for a ridiculous salary!!?? Pay your employee the amount you would expect his/her quality of work!

  2. I absolutely agree with you on this! I was in that position once and on top of all of that my former boss would only hire young pretty girls and party with them all the time sleep with some and they would come in to work a few hours late hanging and smelling of booze in the clothing from the day before and if the people who actually did their jobs were 10 min late we would get warnings. These girls were also paid more and given privileges. I am so happy that I left that place it might have well been a brothel!

    • That is DISGUSTING!!!! Where do we report scum like that to because that is just wrong in too many ways. I do not know who to blame because the girls should not behave like that but then you never know what kind of sick threats a pervert like that is handing out. I am horrified to hear that things like that happen. Good for you for getting out. That is not a healthy work environment.

  3. I totally agree with this post and sadly in SA employers do not care: as long as they coming out happy every month. When I was retrenched last year I coulnt find a decent paying job in my area because people barely get paid well, and if we have to work out in Joburg its expensive because of the cost of petrol and toll, not including time wasted in traffic for no less than an hour. This minimal salary doesnt allow peope to afford medical aid or insurance, never mind luxuries like you mentioned, but what about saings (savings are vital for the future). Its disgusting, cost of living goes up but salaries dont!

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